Monday, December 19, 2011

My Story...

Recently the wonderful lady from A Girl and Her Gun asked me if I would like to write "my story" for her.  She likes to post the stories behind why different women started carrying their guns or at least what brought them into actively shooting on a regular basis.

Since I wrote a small blurb about my story at the beginning of this blog, I figured I would post here what I sent to A Girl and Her Gun:

My“gun” story.  That sounds rather ominous, doesn’t it? LOL  There isnot a LOT to my story really, no close call with danger, no epiphany onpersonal safety, just a spouse that started going to a range and a wife wantingto join in.

I grew up in ahunting family.  Guns were not something that was viewed as “taboo” in myhome, but I really had no interest in them.  I remember shooting one of mydad’s rifles when I was about 10 and it leaving a big bruise on my shoulder.LOL  

Fast forward manyyears and now I am a wife and mother.  DH was a semi-regular hunter withrifles and a couple handguns locked away at his mother’s house.  They werekept there most of the time since she had a cabinet with a lock and we did not. I was never anti-gun or even squeamish to have them in the house withkids, because we always taught our kids that guns were NOT toys and to respectthem.  We just never had the room at our old townhouse to safely storethem at the time.

After moving outto a more rural area, where we had a larger home with some land, DH startedhunting more with our neighbor.  Started hunting with a bow and reallyembracing a more “outdoor” lifestyle.  So, when DH decided to start goingto the local range in the spring of 2011, we eventually all went with him. I became pretty proficient with a 22, but never really liked any of his9mm’s.  I just was not comfortable with them.  I did not like the waythey handled for me.  After months of trying out different guns, whichincluded the new Glock 19 my DH purchased for himself, I finally found mySpringfield Armory XDm 9mm.

That was in Augustof this year (2011), since DH wanted me to get my CCP.  I told him that Ineeded a gun that I felt comfortable with, if I was going to carry it aroundfrom protection.  So... I am now the proud owner of my own handgun and aconceal carry permit.

That is my story. I am just your average mom who is proud to exercise her 2nd Amendmentright to carry the means for personal protection, almost, every where I go. (The places I can not carry are for a whole post of its own. LOL)

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