Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Training this past weekend

Oh my goodness....where do I start?

This weekend was a BLAST!  I got to attend my first true self defense handgun training course!  The only previous training I had received was a 2 ½ to 3 hour course to qualify to get my concealed carry permit.  There was almost two hours of classroom instruction and then about 45 minutes of range time.  The range time consisted of correct hold and hitting your target from 7 yards.  Those I had no issue with since my wonderful DH had already instructed me on that and I had become a regular at that particular range anyways. LOL

This course, taught by the wonderful John Murphy of FPF Training, on the other hand was two days/16 hours long!  The first day consisted of “Safety, Manipulation, and Marksmanship.”  The first 1 ½ was classroom instruction on the basics of safety.  Mr. Murphy stresses safety! (Which all good instructors should!)  The rest of the day was spent learning the correct way to handle and draw our guns.  Then we worked on our shooting and accuracy.  It was a hot day, but it went by way too fast!

Day two started with classroom time, which was a good thing since it was still a tad damp (i.e. swampy) outside. LOL

The classroom time was spent instilling in us the seriousness of what we're doing by deciding to carry a gun.  Real world examples (some rather graphic) of WHY we should carry and what can happen when a gun comes into play.  We also talked about how to handle the “aftermath” of using or even just showing our gun.  I have the words “I am positively asserting my fifth amendment rights” permanently etched into my brain!  This way nothing I say can be twisted into something that I did not mean. (Not that THAT could ever happen!!!! <sarcasm>)

Range time the second day was based on real life situations where you might have to move while drawing and shooting.  How to engage your attacker and also how to decide whether using your gun is appropriate or not.  Sometimes just a verbal response is enough and that it is better to avoid a confrontation, if at all possible, than to deal with a bad situation.

I also got to see AGirl again!  She is now working for Mr. Murphy and that was a wonderful added treat to the training!  Seeing her “in action” is great.  :-)

I came away from the training with a greater level of comfort with my gun, a healthier respect for the responsibility I have taken on by becoming a concealed carry person, and more confidence in myself.

I have also learned that I need to become more comfortable verbalizing myself in the face of an attacker.  I will continue to work on that!

Now to start saving up for the advanced class! <big grin>


  1. Sounds like an excellent class! I'd love to take one like that.

  2. Glad you had fun and feel like you learned some things. Loved seeing you again and meeting your man!!

    GunDiva-come on down:)