Saturday, June 30, 2012

That's a "FAIL" on situational awareness!

So... Thursday night I get the chance to go out and have some adult female bonding time. A.K.A. a 31 party.

After the party when spent time just chatting and catching up since this was a bunch of us from school and haven't seen each other in what.... 3 weeks. LOL

Anyways, I come home around 10:30ish.  After I am home DH tells me how second oldest DD puts together this car type toy for grandson's birthday coming up.  I was impressed and was asking where it was... His response, "you had to pass in coming in the house.  You didn't see it? It is rather big."

Umm... yeah... I will have to mark that up as a big old fail in the "being aware of my surroundings" training.  I walked right past this and did not realize it AT ALL!

I could try and say "but it was dark," or "I was at home," but either one don't cut it.  Because when it comes down to the nitty gritty, I was lazy and I was stupid and I could have gotten myself hurt or killed.

Lesson learned...... Know what it going on!!!!!!  AT ALL TIMES!!!

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