Saturday, July 28, 2012

Range time

Mr. Tea and I had the opportunity to go to the range this morning.  Gotta love those impromptu dates!

I became rather frustrated with  myself after the first 40 rounds.  At the range we go to, you have the ability to post two targets up at 7 yards.  I had one straight in front of me and what slightly to my left.  I could hardly get a shot to hit the black on the target that was straight in front of me, but was fine on the target to my left.  I was like "WTF???"  Straight ahead, I was shooting low, but turning slightly to my left, was having nice tight groupings.  I put my gun down and took a step back and breathed.  Stepped back to the bench and tried again.  SAME FREAKING THING!  Okay, took another breath and adjusted my stance.  Somewhat better, but still not what I usually do at the range.

Of course, while all this is going on, my sweet Mr. Tea* kept telling me to breathe and not worry about it.  I appreciate the sentiment, but I NEED to figure out what I am doing different and correct it. LOL

I am still not 100% what was going on, but I angled my stance more and was finally able to get most of my last 10 rounds into the center of the straight on target.  At least I ended on a better note, although I feel I need to spend some more time at the range to work "this" particular kink out.

**I have mentioned before that I am my own worst critic, but I honestly know I can do better than what I was doing today!

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  1. Try changing it up a little - I find that if I just stand at the line and shoot for the stupid little "X" I can't hit the broad side of a barn. Try transitioning between the two targets, back and forth, back and forth and relax about whether or not you're in the X-ring. I think you'll find that when you take your mind off of focusing so hard, you'll tighten your groups up. You might just be overthinking it, which I do all the time.