Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I have come to learn about myself....

I periodically receive an email from the VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League) with state news that is of interest to citizens who care about our right to own guns and carry them.  There is always a mixture of articles in favor of and those against us, nothing new there.  This time there was a link to an opinion piece in the Roanoke Times (which happens alot in that paper) that really sparked my interest.

This "writer" thought a very sarcastic rant about how everyone should carry a gun since "I've been told that once everyone is armed and everyone knows everyone else is armed, peace will reign under the threat of mutual assured destruction."  She then actually states that if the idea of shooting someone is against your ideals, then to just not buy bullets, all you need to do is flash the gun around to show how tough you are!  (Can I get sick now?)

Oh and her response to the TRUTH that if guns are outlawed, then only criminals with have them.....

"It's not the criminals who are shooting at us. Criminals, for the most part, want to avoid attention and often buy guns illegally. Mass murderers want attention and usually get their firearms in the same way law-abiding citizens do."  Yes, she really posted that in her article!

I could go on, but what is the use.  People like her would rather die than to take a stand against criminals.  She WANTS us all to be victims.  I can not stand people like her.

I have learned over the last year or so about myself is that I WILL do whatever it takes to protect myself and my loved ones.  That does not mean I will survive, but I plan to do as much damage as possible to the lowlife scum that intends me harm before I go.  Maybe I might even take them with me when I go!

I feel no shame in that AT ALL.

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