Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day at the Range....

We were able to go to our neighbor's friend's land to shoot.  He has a 100 yard range area and a smaller one set up for handguns.  It was way back in the woods and a wonderful place:


We shot my DH's Remington 30-06:

We were shooting at two iron plates and I LOVED it.  There is just something about hearing that "ping" when the target is hit!

Next we got to shoot our neighbor's Sako TRG-22 .308 with a suppressor.  It was wonderful!  Here are the pictures of us shooting it:

First my love:

Then my son:
I really liked how I was able to get the smoke coming from the barrel on this shot!
Here I am shooting this wonderful piece of machinery!

We also put some rounds through our handguns, but I did not get any pictures of those.  I did get to try out my next gun purchase though.  Our neighbor recently bought the Springfield XDs .45 and I got to try it today.  I am in LOVE!  Great grip and no recoil.  I need to start saving now!

In closing here is a video of my son shooting the 30-06 and hitting the target.

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