Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gun Show

So, I worked the Capital Gun Show this past Saturday.  I had a BALL!  I got to talk to a lot of really nice people and only one jerk. LOL

I don't usually talked about people like that, but this guy fits the bill.  I was "working" the handguns area and after this gentleman had spent a few minutes looking at them, I asked them if there was anything I could help him with (since I had the key to unlock any he might want to look at closer), and his response "I will ask him (pointing to the gentleman behind the table and on the other side of the area) if I need something."  I did not think anything of it and told my other guy about it thinking it was a friend, but he had never seen the guy before.  I guess he just did not want to "talk guns" to a woman!  Oh well... his loss.

Next gun show I will be working will be June 7th!  Come by and see me. :-)

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  1. As a guy, I'd love to be able to talk to a woman about guns.