Sunday, October 28, 2012

Range Therapy on Friday

It's been one of "those" weeks and by Thursday night I knew I needed to visit the range.  Also that fact that I had not been to a range since my Cornered Cat training meant I was sore need of some practice.

It was a much needed break from every thing and I got to put about 200 rounds through my gun.  I would go back and forth between the modified weaver stance and the isosceles stance.  I am truly torn between them. Sometimes I do better with one and then another time I do better with the other. LOL  What's a girl to do!

I don't get to the range often during the week, so it was interesting to be the only female on the line.  The guy next to me started asking about what I was shooting and why I had so many magazines (I only have four).  I told him that different training classes request that you have a certain number of round loaded and ready to go, so I needed more than the two magazines that came with my gun.  He then went on to ask me about my training.  I think I surprised him with what all I told him. LOL

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