Monday, October 8, 2012

Virginia's Hunter Safety Course

I must say that I was very impressed with the course that was offered.  Many moons ago I took a hunter's course that was no where near as thorough as this one.  It was the bare minimum that was required for the state to say that I had taken a class.  This one was a two day 10-11 hour course that covered ALOT!

The course covered the following (in no particular order since I don't remember exactly):

Handling and safety
tree stand safety
modern firearms
care and cleaning
turkey hunting
game care
first aid
map and compass
water safety and waterfowl hunting
wildlife conservation and management
wildlife identification

The instructors were very well versed in their subject areas and what was even more impressive to me was that fact that they are all VOLUNTEERS.  None of them are paid for their time, yet they give their weekends to ensure that those that want to hunt have the best education to do so safely.

Sunday was a fun time.  We had the tree stand safety lesson that day so we got to go outside and see the different types of stands that are out there today.  Again, the instructor for that portion brought his own personal stands to show us!

Then we got to go to the range and shoot some 22 rifles.  I must say that it was the first time I have ever shot in the prone position.  Not the best position for someone whose back was already giving them problems, but I survived. LOL

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