Monday, November 12, 2012

So much since I last posted...

The wedding on the 4th went relatively smoothly.  Minor glitch with the minister not telling us to sit down once the bride was up front, but she (the bride) took care of that before vows were exchanged. :-)

Watched their dogs for them while they were on their honeymoon.  I really wish we had a fenced in section of our yard, but we survived and none of them escaped, so that was good.

Kids were dropping like flies all week at school with some type of stomach bug, so who gets it over their three day weekend?  Yeah, this lady!  Oh well, I am almost human again....almost.  Well enough to go back to school tomorrow.

Not much going on in the "gun" side of life.  DH went and sited in his 380 today.  Getting ready for rifle season.

Hope this finds everyone healthy!

Country Tea


  1. What's hunting with a .380? Hopefully .308 unless the mice are outta control!

  2. Ha Ha... Nice catch. I transposed the numbers. LOL