Friday, November 16, 2012

Unions Showing Strength

I received the following in an email from my dear husband and just had to share!  Guess what?  That means I have my first "guest blogger!"  Of course, that is also the only way my dear hubby will ever blog! LOL

In 1981 the Air Traffic Controllers Union went on strike.  President Ronald Reagan told them to return to work within 48 hours or they would all be fired.  The Union bosses told their workers that Reagan would never do that.  Well 11,000+ Air Traffic Controllers lost their jobs when President Reagan fired them.

In 2012 the Unions at Hostess refused to discuss pension and wage reductions to save the company (which was already in Bankruptcy) and went on strike to prove their point.  The Hostess Company told the strikers that unless the strike ended they would close the company and sell off the assets.  The Union bosses told their workers that Hostess would never do that.  Well 18,000+ Hostess employees lost their jobs today when the company decided to close down.

Oops – How’d that work out for you guys and gals that are now unemployed?  Your Union bosses will simply move over to other union positions (they always take care of their own).  You are left unemployed and out of luck.  How does it feel to be used as a club by the union – and once the smoke clears it appears you are left holding the sh-t end of the stick.

Unions truly served a need and a purpose back when companies worked their employees for poor wages in deplorable and dangerous conditions.  That need and purpose ceased to exist decades ago.  OSHA took over the “deplorable and dangerous conditions” oversight.  And the Unions concentrated on the wages.  And they used the “strike” threat to get more and more for their workers. 

At some point Companies (and Governments) can no longer squeeze out that additional penny that the unions demand and they die.  Leaving the employees (and the tax payers) holding the smelly end of the stick.

All we need now is the Government to pass a law (stating how unfair it is that these poor employees have lost their jobs due to the greed of the wealthy owners) that forces the company to stay in business AND pay the higher wages the Union demands.  It would be straight out of “Atlas Shrugged”.

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  1. I said the same thing yesterday to Papa Bear. I will bet it is less than a year the government will start seizing businesses by Eminent Domain to keep people working. College kids are graduating with no hope of employment. The smartest ones will work for the government and run the businesses that are taken.