Friday, December 28, 2012

Letter to Our Senator

Mr. Tea has given me permission to post the e-mail he sent earlier today to our Senator about gun control.  I thought is was so wonderful that I wanted to post it here.

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Dear Senator Vogel,
As the husband of a teacher in your district I am very concerned about your recent statements on "gun control".  My wife also has a concealed carry permit and would be willing to participate in whatever additional training the state would deem necessary - if Virginia were to follow the lead of Utah and Texas in allowing teachers to carry in school.  We entrust the welfare and education of our children to teachers every day.  Why can't we give those same teachers the tools to save our children's lives in the event a monster enters the school?
6 brave teachers gave their lives in Connecticut attempting to protect their students with nothing more then their bare hands.  Brave teachers also gave their lives at VA Tech in the same manner - trying to protect their students.  Would you deprive the next group of teachers the ability to save the children we have entrusted to them?
"Gun Free" zones are not the answer.  They are nothing more then an advertised "Free Killing" zone for the next person looking to right an imagined wrong or looking for their 15 minutes of fame by killing innocents.  The only thing that will stop or slow an animal bent on killing as many people as possible is a responsible person with a gun.  This has been proven time and again, but is conveniently overlooked by the media and anti-gun crowd (but I repeat myself).
More "Gun Control" is also not the answer.  Connecticut already has some of the toughest "Gun Control" laws in the country.  Those laws did not stop this monster.  Tough laws didn't stop him in Connecticut and tougher laws in Virginia, or the country, will not stop the next one.  Tough "Gun Control" laws have proven to be a failure in Chicago, New York and Washington, DC.  Why then would you support a concept that has repeatedly failed in the past.
Using this tragedy to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights is wrong and will not do anything to stop the next monster.  There are better options out there to protect our schools.  If you want to take positive action - look to the places that have successful programs to protect schools - Texas, Utah and Israel.
There does need to be serious and thoughtful conversation on how to better protect our children, our schools, our churches and all places where peaceful & law abiding people gather.  Those conversations need to include ALL sides of the issue - arming teachers, better security, linking mental health records to state databases used to approve gun purchases, etc. 
Please reconsider your new stance on gun control.  Don't get swept up in the emotional "we must do something now" and end up punishing the millions of responsible gun owners for the actions of a handful of animals.
"Mr. Tea" (but he wanted me to make sure I stated that he signed his name on the one sent to the Senator!)

(Just one more example of why I love him so!)

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  1. I am a Texas teacher, if only all of Texas and the country would follow the lead of that one Texas school district and Utah!