Friday, February 15, 2013

“Life is life. You are not god.”

So, because I am willing to protect myself and my family with lethal measures, I am trying to be "god."  Or at least that is one user on Huffington Post wants people to believe!  The title of this post is one of the responses I got in out little exchange about the assistant coach in Detroit that killed one of the males that attempted to rob him.

It started when this person posted that no amount of money is worth a person's life and the guy should not have shot the "kid" and there was nothing mentioned in the article that either of the "kids" were armed. (paraphrased)  I responded with the following:

“Other news reports state that the criminal killed did have a gun and was already awaiting trial for ARMED robbery.

This was not just some kid who made "a mistake," he was already making crime his profession.

I don't care how much money I have on me, if you threaten me in order to get it, I will shoot.”

Then I was told that if I am against abortion then that would be ironic, to which I posted;  “How in the world is that ironic?  An unborn child is not threatening my life, whereas a CRIMINAL that threatens me with bodily harm is...” 

Some people have really twisted ideas because then their next response was:

“Human life, dude.  If you hold human life sacred, then it's sacred in every form.  It's sacred when it's sinning, and it's sacred when it's in a state of innocence.  What or who gives you the right to make that ultimate judgement?  Isn't that what anti-abortionists call playing god?”

This person is really warped.  Actually, they have just drank the anti's koolaid where we are all supposed to be victims.  But being the antagonist patient person than I am, I tried to reason with him, so I posted:

"So are you saying that the criminal's life is MORE sacred than mine? I do hold life as sacred, but if someone threatened my life or one of my loved ones, then they have shown that they do not hold the same value.  
They are still not on the same level as an unborn child."

To which his response was the title of my post:  "Life is life.  You are not god."  You just can not undrink the koolaid sometimes!

The next post was mine where I reiterated my position, "So I should let the criminal kill me or my family?
Then that would make the criminal "god." Sorry, I value life too much to let someone else take mine or my family's."

He then proved that he does not read or comprehend because he posted: "Sorry, but unless you have new information about the teens being armed, you are indiscriminately taking human life to protect property, not life."

To which I pointed him to another news source with a link: "Read other sources besides huffpost.
This article says they attempted to rob the old man "at gunpoint."  The one killed was already going to trial for armed robbery.  
He pulled a gun on the old man, he was justified in protecting himself and the two girls walking with him."

He never responded back after that.  Oh well, maybe others read the exchange and will think of things in a different light.

Remember... your life is worth SAVING!  


  1. Good post.

    "It started when this person posted that no amount of money is worth a person's life ..."

    That's true. But as the innocent victim of a crime, you are not the one who decides your money is "worth a person's life." The attacker decides that. The real question is whether it's worth your life to find out if he means it.