Sunday, February 10, 2013

Survived the Gun Show

Got to the gun show about 1:30 this afternoon and after driving around for several minutes, was able to get a parking spot.  Actually, I lucked into one that was not too far away.  I was at least still in the Expo's parking lot and not Walmart's. LOL

There was a line to get into the show.  Did not expect that at 1:30 on a Sunday, but there was a crowd!  

Our friend that has space at the show was BUSY all weekend.  He was almost sold out of handguns by the end of the show today.  Of course part of that is because he has been there forever and is known, plus his prices are still very reasonable compared to a lot of the other dealers.  Some of the prices people were asking for their guns were ridiculous!

Speaking of prices... I was at the table where I bought my spare magazines last year and their prices have doubled!  I thought they were expensive then, but now.  

Well... if the gun show is any indicator, the gun culture is still alive and well.  I still want to know where this "majority" is of people supporting gun control.

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