Saturday, April 20, 2013

Range Day (4-14-2013)

So after I pouted last time my family got to go shooting without me, our neighbor arranged for us to go this past Sunday.

I think I am ruined for paper targets!  This is what we got to shoot at:

The sound of that ting when the bullet hits is AMAZING!  Of course it's also fun to "duel" against others. :-)

Here is DH and our neighbor getting ready to have a go at the tree:

Here is one of yours truly dueling with my youngest son:

He's not bad, but he had to use his father's Glock and he prefers my XDm. LOL

He did get to shoot our neighbors .45

Here is my youngest.  She did not like the "kick" of our guns, so she just enjoyed the woods and contemplated life. LOL

I also found out what my next gun will be.  Our neighbor brought his new XDs .45 and I got to use it.  I loved it!

I told DH that that will be my next major purchase. :-)

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  1. I love shooting steel! And I really love dueling trees.