Monday, October 8, 2012

Looking for a "look"

I am trying to come up with a picture for have as my title image.

I like what I have as my avatar to the side.  It is my daughter just doing her thing with spent casings, but that is not what my blog is about.  I am trying to find a picture of a lady with a gun, but not a "hoochie" momma or someone half naked with guns hanging off her.

I will keep on looking.....

1 comment:

  1. If you want something drawn, try Robb over at Sharp as a Marble. He's one of us and a good guy. He drew my avatar and a lot of artwork for a lot of bloggers.

    Oleg Volk has some absolutely gorgeous pictures of women with guns, some even with clothes on, but he's a professional photographer, so his work will require at least permission, if not a token donation. But his photography is wonderful.

    Also, Robert over at Blackfork does some excellent photography, but he's also a professional, so make sure you ask before using.

    Good hunting!